Thursday, February 26, 2009



Raagi flour - 2 cups
Onion - 1 - chopped
Spinach - 1 cup - chopped (optional)
Salt - 1/2 tsp or as per need
Oil - As per need


1. Mix raagi flour, onion, spinach, salt with 1/2 cup of water(or little more). The batter should be in semi solid form.(see picture below).
2. Heat tava, take the batter in you hand, place it in the tava, and spread gently. If it is sticky, touch water(keep a bowl of water beside tava) and do the same.
3. Spread oil around adai. Let it cook for a minute and flip the adai, and let it cook for 1 min.

Raagi Batter consistency.....

Spread like this on tava.....


-> Serve it hot with sambar, coconut chutney...
-> Sugar patients can take this often.
-> Also people who follow diet can add this in their menu.